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Who We Are

Community Improvement Through Science and Technology



In low income communities, acquired skills for technical job positions can be few and far between, with parents and adults having little resources to formal skill development. With the modern job force becoming more tech-focused, NTA Space Coast coordinates with CareerSourceBrevard and other job recruitment agencies to post job listings to assist families to build more attractive skill sets. NTA Space Coast is also working with the Florida Solar Energy Center to bring job training programs on location at the STEM Tech computer center for parents to transition into ‘green job’ positions, such as energy auditors and weatherization technicians. Involvement is essential and mandatory for program success; parents become assured that their children are participating in a safe learning environment, becoming an active member of the mentor-student-parent team. Parents who participate in NTA Space Coast initiative also share in the learning and skills development process of their children.


Through a team of volunteer mentors, engagement through technical interchanges and sharing current knowledge through small scale projects allows an array of community members from all backgrounds to involve themselves in the NTA Space Coast initiatives. Volunteer students, business leaders, educators, and professionals share their time and knowledge interacting with the STEM Tech participants for continuous improvement.

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