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Local Overview

Community Improvement Through Science and Technology

STEM Tech is physically located within low-income neighborhoods for ease of access to a series of STEM learning activities after-school. Partnerships are critical for the success of the STEM Tech initiative. Our partners include the Housing Authority of Brevard County, NASA Education Projects and Youth Engagement Office, Collins Aerospace, Eastern Florida State College, IGT Technology Corporation, and Lowe's Home Improvement Stores. These partners provide funding support to STEM technical learning systems.

Below, the NTA Space Coast has provided some data and analysis on need for its youth engagement & community advancements initiatives.
For more information on the organization's goals and the community challenges that are the focus of our initiatives,
contact us here.


This map depicts the Brevard County Community Development Block Grant's Strategy Areas for low-income community improvement.

Included in the highlighted areas is North West Melbourne, the community we currently work with.

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

provides community development grant funds for public services and public infrastructure improvements in low-income neighborhoods. CDBG provides planning and development of neighborhood revitalization, capacity building, economic development and provides funding for strategic planning.

Map-Brevard County.jpg
Map-Brevard County.jpg
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