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Who We Are

Community Improvement Through Science and Technology



STEM Tech Neighborhood Academy provides fun, hands-on learning projects within the neighborhoods of our low-income youth on the Space Coast, helping to deter susceptibility to unproductive behavior during unsupervised hours.

The youth work with volunteer educators and other professionals in reading, homework help, developing study skills, and class participation techniques. The youth also work with volunteer engineers to construct and launch model rockets, assemble Lego projects and STEM science sets, as well as robotics kits. The STEM Tech center hosts The Rocket Force team (working and stationary rocket building), Lego robotics, and 3-D printing as a part of youth engagements, further promoting high-tech education to disadvantaged participants.



The Rocket Force is a model rocket club organized by the NTA Space Coast, and hosted at the STEM Tech center to expose the youth participants to the hands-on applications of aerospace technology, mathematics, science and engineering principles. This program initiative encourages young people to involve themselves in an after-school technical hobby to learn practical technical skills with career path potential. Students are assembled into groups by the volunteer staff to learn how to work together as a team during rocket model construction.

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